Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wipe-out Pesky Spring Allergy Symptoms

Are you tired of feeling congested? Is the Spring kicking in your allergies and leaving you frustrated? I may be able to lead you to a way out, or at least to something that can help. I've recently been introduced to the Neti pot. After a battle with mono and a continuous struggle against a mold allergy, I am always on the lookout for anything that will increase my vitality. So, when I heard about the Neti pot and about some success stories that came through using it, I purchased one and immediately began to put it to the test. Although I was skeptical at first by this rather obscure purification technique, it didn't take much experimentation before I quickly became hooked, and now I am using it daily.

How it works: After acquiring a Neti pot, simply dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of Neti salt, or fine salt, or a 1/2 teaspoon of Kosher salt into a filled Neti pot of around 8 ounces of lukewarm water. With your head facing down towards the bowl of the sink, start to tilt your head up towards one side, placing the neti pot spout in the top nostril and tipping the pot so that the water flows out the opposite, bottom nostril. Proceed by blowing your nose, and then repeat this process on the other nostril.

The Neti pot uses a saline solution to clear out sinuses of any pollutant, dust, pollen, bacteria or mold particles. The nasal membrane, which contains tiny hairs and mucus membranes, functions by capturing and restraining foreing particles, such as disease and virus proned particles, from entering the body. The Neti pot is intended to help in this process by relieving the often over-burdened nasal membranes.

I am crazy about this because it really does work (it's not like all those other scams advertised on TV). Not only is it effective, but it's natural in that it doesn't include any pumping of artificial ingredients into the body to alleviate congestion symptoms. Now, I am able to breathe much more clearly throughout the day and not have to worry about being unable to fall asleep because of the inabiltiy to breathe out of my nose.

Neti pots have been used in India and by yoga practitioners for thousands of years. I can see why, because now at the end of my yoga sessions when I engage in deep-breathing, I am able to much more comfortably and fluidly inhale and exhale.

And I'm not the only one who feels this way. I've talked to friends who aren't as exposed to Eastern, homeopathic forms of treatment, and they have told me that after using the Neti pot, they too have become regular users and obsessors of the Neti.

So if you want to deal with congestion without continuous suffering or through jacking yourself up on meds, speaking from experience, the Neti pot really will help. Don't be embarassed or warded off because of the unusual procedure it involves. I do it everyday in my college dorm, and where at first I quietly shut myself up in the bathroom to avoid my roommates skeptical stares, I now have introduced them to what I am doing and use the Neti pot every morning, with the door wide open as if I were just brushing my teeth.


  1. Hi Grace,
    Found your post as I have a google alert for the word "neti pot" as I am the sales manager for the Himalayan Institute, the organization that brought the neti pot to the states in 1972! We are in northeast Pa, probably about 3 hours north of Temple, and our core teachings are yoga, meditation, and wellness. It is good to see a picture of our neti pot on your blog.
    Check us out: www.himalayninstitute.org.
    Thanks, Travis - link us if you care too

  2. GReat minds think alike! The picture of the woman using actually the neti pot is a rhino Horn neti pot from Norway. We are the USA distributor and located 45 min from Temple in NJ. Please go to our website www.rhinohorn.net for a video and full instructions