Sunday, April 5, 2009

Healthful Indulgence: Day 7

The Final Day

Morning Indulgence: Start your day off with a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice. That's right, pull out your juicer, the one that may be hidden in the dark corner of your basement shelves...It will be worth the effort of finding the juicer and squeezing orange after orange once you taste the deliciously sweet, pure taste of the juice. Nothing beats fresh squeezed, especially when it's the first thing you wake up to.

Mid-day Indulgence: Grab your camera, get outside, and start snapping some pictures. Try photographing the newly budding trees, or the laughing kids playing on the sidewalk, or the whispering blades of emerging green grass, or any ordinary yet inspirational moment of life that you see in your surrounding environment. Notice how rhythmic and entrancing photography can be when you let yourself go and get creative.

Evening Indulgence: Splurge and go out for dinner at your favorite restaurant, even if it's a little pricey. Steeply-priced food is often money well spent, especially if you know the place. Don't be afraid to call up someone you've been a little anxious to pursue. If no one special is on your mind, grab one of your closest friends and go out and celebrate your friendship! Get dressed up and pull out that fancy little dress that you've been dying to wear. Order some champagne or wine (if applicable) and enjoy the relaxing dining experience. Follow your meal by sharing a dessert with your accompaniment.

Final Indulgence: Take a nighttime stroll with your earlier dining partner (weather permitting). Ingest the beauty of the surrounding outdoors whether it be from the sunset, moonlight, or just the warm company beside you as you walk along in the fresh-air, digesting your earliear, satisfying meal.

That completes the seven day Healthful Indulgence series. However, notice that most of the components of the previous indulgences all consisted of experiences that can be smoothly included in day to day life. Healthful indulgence is a way of living, a way of breathing, relaxing, and sustaining your daily satisfaction, so that rarely will you desire a "negative" indulgence, and find yourself in a cloud of guilt the next day. With just a little time and awareness each day, you can energize your body and satisfy your cravings, while boosting your mood and keeping your mind at peace. Remember to take some time each day to breathe and relax, to savor each bite of your food, and to incorporate a little stress relieving, fun-filled exercised. If you cherish each moment of pleasure, and take the time to really feel its existence, you will find yourself feeling everlastingly full of content. All of these lifestyle tactics, which are truly daily indulgences of the simple moments of pleasure, will transform your state of mind, body and soul.

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