Thursday, April 2, 2009

Healthful Indulgence: Day 4

Morning Indulgence: Get up an hour early to do a morning yoga session. Do an hour of hatha yoga, awakening and stretching each part of the body. Focus on stretching out your legs which may have become tight from yesterday's run. Feel how awakening and refreshing it feels to let the tension out of your high-stressed, high-worked body. Follow by eating one of your favorite, nutritious breakfasts.

Mid-Afternoon Indulgence: Go out for lunch with some friends or co-workers. Engage in light-hearted conversation and make sure your voice gets heard. Allow yourself to share your own thoughts and stories, while being an ample listener as well. Notice how a social break pulls you away from your own stress-related thoughts for at least a brief period of your day.

Evening Indulgence: Stop by the grocery store and pick up some omega-3 fatty acid, protein filled salmon steaks (wild if available) or niacin, potassium filled portobella mushrooms if you're a vegetarian (or a protein-packed veggie burger with as few additives as possible if you prefer). Fire up your grill and get cooking while you enjoy the great outdoors. While your meal cooks on the grill, rather than impatientlly waiting, take a few deep breaths as you sit cross-legged in the nearby grass/ground.

Final Indulgence: Call up or grab your nearest friend and engage in a game of cards or any one of your favorite board games. Get a friendly, lighthearted game of competition going on as you arouse your social and mental senses. Notice how much fun you have once you get going, especially if you weren't particularly looking forward to playing.

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