Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Dose Of Sun

This weekend's weather was great!

And due to the exceptionally nice weather, I've already managed to get sunburnt. I don't even burn that easily! (I'm relatively tan to begin with)...I was outside all weekend, and I guess my skin isn't used to the over-exposure. I was at an Earth Day Festival on Saturday which happened to be unreal ( After enjoying all of the dancing, food, hoola hooping, flea sale festivities at the festival, me and my friend decided to grab a seat in the grass and enjoy the nice day. I think me and the sun just extra attract each other because of the strong mutual love we have for each other (and we're both so hott, right? hah). It was worth it though, I got to do about an hour of yoga, outside, in the park,....Umm AMAZING!

Maybe next time I'll do a post about sunscreen or something...I need to actually convince myself to become a more avid user of the stuff...I just can't quite seem to get there yet. I mean the stuff is sticky and icky, and doesn't have a very pleasant smell to it, and by not using it, maybe I get to continue feeling like a carefree little kid (with the addition of my mom still over my shoulder lecturing me about how I'm going to look ten times my age when I get older...who knows, that might not be a bad thing because at the moment I look young for my age. Ehh, don't quote me on that later, I will most likely regret saying that when I'm 50).

As for the picture...I went to the zoo Friday, so pretend you were there too and enjoy the image.

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