Monday, April 6, 2009

I love Spring <3

So yesterday I attended the Cherry Blossom Festival at Fairmount Park in Philly. A lot of the trees were at or near their peak of blossoming. After the many long days of dull winter surroundings, the alas arriving vibrant hues of pink and white were ever so refreshing.

The festival celebrated Japanese culture, featuring shows which consisted of Japanese dance, drumming, fan artistry, and even a Japanese/Anime fashion show. The Japanese culture represented contained a lot of aspects that differ from American custom, such as their dancing which seemed much more slow and gracefull, yet also more controlled and less free-flowing. It almost seemed as though they were moving to the spaces in between the beats, rather than the beats themselves.

Much of the inherent characteristics of the Japanese culture involves their ability to slow themselves down and get away from all of the fast-paced parts of life. This I admire.

Overall, my experience at the Cherry Blossom Festival was an exceptional one. They couldn't have asked for better weather either. As I was basking short-sleeved in the sun, I got to simultaneously soak in the beauty of spring and of the Japanese culture.

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