Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sweet Taste of Sugary Goodness

So Sunday is Easter...which means you will find candy lying around in random places in my house, and I must tell you, finding candy like this in my house is not the's more like that time you finally found your misplaced black belt after all the months of carrying out your own personal search party. So I must say, this special occasion always kind of excites me...yes, I'm still a kid at heart (and hopefully always will be!).

Although I must say, over-indulgence of this candy will definitely come at a price... My favorite Easter candy? Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs....which also happen to be rated the Worst Calorie Offender of Easter candy by Women's Health Mag. Luckily my parents always refuse(d) to succumb to the tradition of buying the classic milk chocolate bunny/egg (they consider this chocolate to usually be second-class, which after many years of dissapointingly comparing my lack of an edible bunny in my Easter basket to the baskets of my "privileged" friends, I have to agree the chocolate bunnies are almost always substandard). Hershey's hollow milk chocolate egg was rated the Worst Easter Candy overall by Women's Health Mag, as it contains 41 grams of fat and 660 calories, if entirely consumed. Also fortunately I'm not a big fan of jelly beans, as Jelly Belly's were rated the Worst Sugar Offender.

And... lucky for me, dark chocolate is OKed (in moderation of course), which in general happens to be my favorite chocolate. However, don't expect me to skip-out on the Reeese's this Easter...I'll definitely be doing some indulging in those peanut-buttery, chocolately, sweet goodness.

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