Saturday, April 4, 2009

Healthful Indulgence: Day 6

So I just got back from a camping trip where we hiked an 8 mile loop which passed by what's supposed to be the "best view on the AT" in PA. The site is named the Pinnacle, and it was absolutely beautiful. We started around 8 a.m., and it felt so invigorating to get up early and embark upon a hike. Fresh, crisp air passing by my face, alongside some of the chillest people at my was great. It was very refreshing to get away from my urban campus for a little while and enjoy all that nature and Spring has to offer. As for that, if you have the time, indulge in a camping trip, even if it's just for the night, make a fire, enjoy some s'mores, and go on a hike. If not, try taking a day hike, and enjoy the beautiful, great outdoors! Enjoy life's natural "Fun, Fitness, and Fresh-air"!

Day 6
Morning Indulgence: Swing by your local coffee shop for an awakening, dark-roasted brew. Try to choose one of the lighter options on the menu, such as a coffee, espresso, or cappuccino made with skim milk. Not only will the drink warm you up and wake you up, according to WebMD, coffee can boost your mood and lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson's disease, cavities, and colon cancer. However, remember everything in moderation, but know that the occasional coffee is actually a healthy indulgence!

Mid-day Indulgence: Have an afternoon snack when hunger embarks. Go to your local store and grab some Vitamin A-rich carrot juice, and assemble some celery sticks with protein. Notice how the protein and heart-healthy fat of the peanut butter calm your hunger, making you feel satisfied and content. Wash it down with the sweet, yet vegetable-comprised juice.

Evening Indulgence: Take an evening stroll, opting for the time right before the sun sets (weather permitting, if not absorb the outdoor surrounding from the comfort of you couch). Notice how calm and peaceful the evening light makes your surroundings appear. Take in the picturesque sky, and capture the image in your mind for later use. Take a moment to stop and just absorb the sunset's beauty and the tranquility of the moment.
Final Indulgence: Put on some music, and jam out to some of your favorite tunes. Release your tension and let your body be free as you get wild and do some crazy dancing. Try not to be self conscious, and notice how great if feels to dance carefree, solely within your own presence.

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