Thursday, April 30, 2009

Philadelphia Broad Street Run

This Sunday at 8:30 a.m. is Philadelphia's annual Broad Street run. They will be celebrating 30 years of athletic community involvement. The course is the largest 10 miler in the United States! The race will start at the athletic fields of Central High School and will end at the Marine Parade Grounds at the Navy Yard in South Philadelphia. Along the way, runners will pass by Temple University, which means I get to cheer my fellow running partners on while they race to the finish! Yes, sadly I won't be participating, because due to taking time off for mono, I do not feel quite ready to run a ten miler (I ran 7 miles last week and to say the least, it was quite tough. I'm on my way though, I've been running consistently these past few weeks and am working myself back up! Next years runners better be ready for me :-) )

The course is entirely flat, and actually contains a slight downhill slope at parts. This makes the course one of the fastest courses and very agreeable for runners who want to achieve record times. The fastest finisher completed the course in 45:14, which also happens to be the fastest 10 mile ever recorded in the United States. Throughout the course, there will be 11 water stations, clocks at each mile, and various entertainment. Also, since the race is ran along a main road, Broad Street will be blocked, making the course traffic-free.

The race was between $30-45 depending on the date you signed up. However, the last day to register was yesterday (Yeah, I'm a little late, but now you have the info. if you're not signed up and want to run next year). Benefits from the Broad Street Run go to the American Cancer Society. There is an estimated 25,000 people signed up to run...Sounds like it's going to be a traffic jam! At least it won't be an agitating stand still, considering everyone should be speeding to the end.

First place male and female participants will win $1,500. Second place will receive $750. Third place- $500, fourth place- $400, and fifth place- $300. An additional $1,000 will be given if the course record time is beaten.

There will also be a one-miler for kids ages 6-12, in case you want to get some energy out of your rambunctious kids (or start them on the healthy path at a young age with a little friendly competition and fun).

For those in the race, or even those watching, remember to fuel up on one of the Earth's greatest beverages: WATER

Good luck to all participants!

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