Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Mirage of Spring

AHHH I love stepping outside in the middle of winter and having warm, unexpected air hit my face.  These kinds of days lift me up, no matter what particular mood or state I'm in.  They create a mirage of spring among the plethora of dismal wintery days that I dread each year.  I couldn't help myself from embarking upon a run, since these kinds of days aren't like the ubiquitous wintery days of February.  So I ran.  Up to city hall and back.  And I feel great!  Which hopefully is a sign that mono is pretty much gone.  I'll know for sure after next week when I get my tests back.  I absolutely can't wait until the arrival of spring...when I can regularly ditch the cramped indoor treadmills consisting of monotonous running in place, or the track where I'm forced to run in continuous circles like a dog chasing its tail.  When I'm free of mono, and able to stretch my legs and just run, soaking in the sun, scenery, and splendor around me.  But as for now, I will just have to enjoy the anomalous (new word of the day, currently in the process of expanding my vocabulary, so you might notice this in upcoming posts) days that lift me off my feet, literally, and send me running (but to no particular place, or desire of escape!).

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