Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So the inherent coldness of winter quickly made its return.  However, this time it brought with it some beautiful white snow flakes.  Since I was kept inside yesterday because of the snow, I decided to do some yoga in my dorm room.  There is just enough space between the beds of me and my roommate.  I put on some soothing Steven Halpern music, spread out my blue yoga mat, and tried to avoid glancing at the prolific amount of clutter surrounding the room.  I began with sun salutations, followed by some traditional poses, continuing into the evening until the sun went down.  It was great to be able to work on my alignment in the cobra pose while looking out the window and seeing white flakes drop against the dark, uncanny sky.  I was able to focus my attention out of the room and into the tranquil setting of the wintery wonderland being formed outdoors.  After almost an hour and a half of yoga poses, it felt great to relax in Savasana, the relaxation pose.  And afterwards, I felt totally reenergized, along with a vehement desire to continue practicing yoga during my days at college.  Though this can be quite tough, due to time limits and space restriction (especially when my roommate is in the room).  However, I think it's important to practice and center yourself, and if you have a love for yoga, you can make the time and room, which I will go into in a later post.

Today I did a DVD, an Intermediate Yoga Class taught by Sri Swami Asokananda. 
It was rejuvenating, and my energy levels have Intermediate Yoga Session - Swami Asokananda DVD
really been feeling the benefits of yoga lately. 
 I love how supple yoga makes your body feel,                 
especially after consistent practice.

I plan on eventually giving tips and advice in these posts, but for the meantime I am practicing and focusing on developing my writing skills.

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