Saturday, February 28, 2009

5 of My Favorite Yoga Poses That Will Leave You Feeling Full of Exuberance

The Pigeon Pose:  Not only is this a great hip-opener, but it feels magnificent.  Make sure to keep a steady balance by keeping the hips in line and being conscious of not leaning too far to one side.

The Triangle Pose:  This is a great stress reliever, helping to relieve all built up tension gained throughout the day.  It stretches and strengthens the spine, hamstrings, knees, ankles, hips, and groins.  Make sure to bend from the hips, not the waist, and keep the torso directly over the leg.  Reach the tailbone upwards towards the back heel.  Beginners may use a wall to focus on alignment and balance if needed.

Warrior 2 Pose:  This vigorous pose makes you feel strong, energized, and powerful.  Remember to make sure the bent knee is in a 90 degree angle and does not come over the ankle.  If possible, extend the thigh as close to perpendicular to the floor as possible.  Center the torso in the middle, keeping the abdomen, chest, and head right above the hips.  Turn the head towards the front arm and look out over the hand, calming and focusing the mind on the fingers.

The Headstand:  This centering pose helps to calm the mind and send energy to the brain.  It strengthens the arms, spine, legs, and neck as well as stimulates digestion.  Be careful when first learning this pose and feel free to balance against a wall if necessary.  Make sure not to position all of the body-weight on the head and neck, but rather balance the weight between the arms and shoulder blades.  This should be a calming pose, not a strenuous one.

The Lotus Pose:  This tranquil pose strengthens and elongates the spine.  Remember to keep the posture as straight as possible, lifting the sternum upwards.  This pose is often recommended for meditation and is a good way to center the mind.

For all of these positions, and this goes for any yoga poses, remember to breathe easily and deeply, and to center your focus on the practice, ridding the mind of all other hindrances.

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