Friday, October 16, 2009

Snow Is In Store

The Philadelphia Metro reported yesterday that is predicting one of the stormiest and coldest U.S. winters in awhile. Due to a weakening El Nino weather pattern, an abnormal warming of waters in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, temperatures are expected to decrease across the nation while storm activity increases in parts of the U.S.

The Metro quoted AccuWeather's Chief Meterologist as saying, "The areas that will be hit hardest this winter by cold, snowy weather will be from southern New England through the Appalachians and mid-Atlantic, including the Carolinas."

That means Philly is in for some snow. It's predicted that Philadelphia could get up to 75% of their total snowfall in just two to three big storms. You know what that means...Messy road conditions and a lot of black snow.

But there's sure to be some places with some crystal white snow. My hometown will for sure have some pretty sights.

I can't quite say I'm all that excited about the winter news. I'm a summer girl myself. For now I'm going to enjoy my last few days of nice (or at least somewhat nice/not frigid) weather. As for winter, I'll make the best of it and wait for those fluffy white snowflakes to come.

Dig out those snowboots and get ready for a lively upcoming winter.

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