Sunday, May 24, 2009


I went outside to do some yoga this evening just prior to the setting of the sun. I was planning on doing only a few poses, but ended up doing a whole session, finishing with a relaxation into the dark of night. It was surreal. I don't think I've enjoyed my yoga practice this much in a very long time. As I live in the country, except for the occasional distant airplane or motorcycle hum, I am able to completely revel in all of nature's beautiful music. During my practice, I took notice of the numerous melodic sounds of the nearby birds, and as the night wore on, I was able to hear the sounds of crickets, peepers, and the slow rustling of the spring-green leaves. Doing yoga outside is an experience like no other. It is calming and utterly serene. It is as if you are passing time in a stand-still picture, a picture you don't want to ever escape. Performing series after series of supple poses, creating the spitting image of "picture perfect". Even if you don't live in the country or in an ideal natural setting, get outside and enjoy a few stretches. The sun sets everywhere, and anyone is capable of utilizing and enjoying its beautiful essence. At the end of your session and even in between each pose, take a moment to completely stop and absorb your surroundings. Notice each little sound, or movement of nature. Listen to the birds, watch the clouds swim by, notice the ant busily crawling through the grass. For just a few brief moments, just be, in the presence of nature, no matter where this "nature" may be.

If you feel in a rut, if you feel mentally or physically blocked/sluggish/clogged/etc. take some time to get outside. The outdoors naturally brings inspiration/vitality/light, and will reawaken your senses. Whether you're doing yoga, or just sitting in the grass soaking in the fresh-air, nature will faithfully be there to spark new ideas into that creative brain of yours. Undoubtedly it will take your breathe away from time to time.

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