Monday, May 25, 2009

Be In The Positive :)

After doing the previous series revolving around A New Earth, and The Secret, I've been noticing a lot of other publications that have been discussing the importance of staying positive. Being positive is key. If you want to live in happiness, you have to think positive thoughts. You can't be happy when you're mind is full of negativity. This can be tough at times when everything seems to be going wrong, but instead of letting your mind dwell on the wrong, fill it with other simple things you can be happy for. There is always something to be happy for, whether it be the sun, the rain, the grass, the little moments of silence, the fresh-air, the daily interactions with your friends/kids/family, etc.

I recently read in a magazine a great tactic on how to remind yourself to cherish the simple moments and be conscious of their worth. This will help you stay present and keep positive. This is how one couple remembers to think in the positive: "To cultivate positivity in our relationship, my partner and I started a 'thank-you box'. We placed Post-it notes and a pen beside a box on our kitchen counter. Whenever we feel grateful for something the other has done (picking up groceries, giving a back massage), we write it down and put it in the box. On Sunday nights before bed, we pull out the notes one by one and read them aloud. It starts the week in a positive way."

This is a great idea. Since often we harp on negative thoughts rather than positive ones, one of the best ways to turn this around is to write down your gratitude for day-to-day moments. You can create a box to be shared with your friends or family, or even just make one for yourself to remind yourself when you may be feeling down that there was always that time worth your gratitude.

Just remember to stay positive, because life is full of ups and downs. Rather than focusing on the downs, let's focus on the ups, and you will see that you're life will naturally start to become filled with more ups than downs.

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