Thursday, August 13, 2009


It's peach season!! Lucky for me, I live only a few minutes away from a fruit orchard. That being said, I just got back from picking a basket full of softball-size peaches (and ate a basket full while doing so). Peaches are one of nature's many candies...they're so naturally sweet, and juicy, and delicious, and oh-so yummy...and paired with a bowl of vanilla ice-cream, they're extra "oh-so yummy" and sweet.

Take advantage of these summer treasures now because once they go out of season, you can rarely ever find peaches that get anywhere close to the taste of fresh ones. Like many fruits, peaches are super versatile. For a treat, pair them with ice cream, use them in a pie or tart, or cover them with brown sugar and cinnamon and put them on the grill. For a healthier treat, you can pair peaches with yogurt, cook them in oatmeal, or mix them with blueberries for the perfect fruit salad. My favorite is to just wash them, chop them up, put them in a bowl, and enjoy them plain...Mmmm.

Peaches are rich in cancer-fighting lutein and lycopene (the nutrients found in tomatoes). They are also a good source of potassium and are high in vitamins A & C. Peaches are full of fiber and full of water, making them a lo-cal food. While they do contain some sugar, it is all natural and this helps to give them their remarkable sweet taste.

Plan a time to go out and get to a local orchard. Maybe make it a date with someone special. Picking peaches under the sun in the beautiful countryside can definitely be an ideal, romanticized opportunity. Or, take the little kids you babysit, your nieces or nephews, or any other little kids you are close with. Picking fruit is a fun experience, especially when you get to watch smiling little kids while doing it. Kids love eating fruit, and to them, an orchard will look like a never-ending heaven of sweetness. Or go to an orchard by yourself, enjoy your quiet surroundings, and use the time to go within yourself or observe the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Maybe use the peach-picking as a sort of meditative practice.

Whatever you decide, get out there, get picking (and eating), and have fun!

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