Thursday, August 20, 2009

Backpacking Day 1

Whew. Just made it to the shelter where I'll be spending the night. It's actually a relatively nice place, conveniently located next to a fresh spring and accommodated with a wooden swing which I'm currently seated on as I write. I'm backpacking with my mom, which is great because she's super fit and keeps an even pace with me. It looks as though we'll have the place to ourselves tonight which alleviates us from having to set up a tent. I'm not really in the mood to use the last of my energy to put together a tent.

Halfway into the hike I felt surprisingly great and was even bummed that we hadn't planned on tracking more mileage the first day. However, around the 7th mile I started to change my mind. My shoulder's were screaming for me to take of my pack, and my legs were starting to feel all the extra weight I had added to them. I was relieved when we finally made it to the shelter. At last I could shed my pack, prop myself up against a tree or in this case a nice, wooden swing, and relax. Although, I can't seem to shed these incessant gnats that are swarming around my head. They're everywhere! I'm trying to decide whether gnats enjoy dirty humans or freshly clean humans better. I've heard that insects are attracted to the perfumey scents of soaps and shampoos, but I imagine they also like sweat, and at this moment I'm a pretty sweaty, dirty girl. Anyways, they've been attacking me since I've stopped hiking, looking at me like I'm the juiciest thing they've seen all week. It's not quite as bad under the roof of the swing...maybe it's the intricately strung spider web on the side that's keeping them out. There are quite a few gnats trapped in the web.

So accessing my shoulders are pretty tight, and I'm pretty sure they'll be sore tomorrow. Other than that, I feel pretty good. I'll probably do a little yoga later to loosen up.
I've learned that I could definitely benefit from some hiking boots. My beloved running shoes aren't so lionized by me while I'm backpacking. Definitely not enough support for me and my extra 20 or so pounds. How could I ever be a runner and overweight at the same time? Let's hope it never gets to that point...Though I'm not discouraging overweight runners, especially those trying to lose weight. More power to you!

Anyways, like I mentioned before, I'm super dirty already. Oh sweet Earth, inclined to cover my body within a few hours. It was definitely a scorcher outside today- somewhere in the 90's when we began our hike. It didn't take long at all until I looked like I had just gotten out of the shower with my shirt on and everything. Nothing beats a well-deserved sweat though. Pumping oxygen, having fun, both are worthy of breaking a sweat.

It's super peaceful right now. At the beginning of our hike, we ended up crossing paths with a lot of dayhikers and crossing several noisy roads. I was actually a bit irritated because I just wanted to be in the tranquility of nature. But that doesn't matter anymore, because I've alas made it to a place of complete stillness, with the exclusion of some furry little creatures and beatiful-winged animals running around. Ahhh, the sounds out here are amazing. I'm sure I'll enjoy them even more tonight, when nature's sounds become magnified creating a live orchestra performed lullaby. Helping me drift off into a well-deserved sleep. It's actually going to be strange sleeping out here all alone (besides my mom) in the wilderness. There was a sign on the way that warned us to watch our gear because of recent bear maybe I won't actually be so alone tonight, haha. I do hope that the flies and gnats go home soon and let me be alone...though I'm sure the mosquitoes will be willingly taking their place to join me.

Anyways, I'm going to go. My rehydrated, dehydrated meal of beans and rice is awaiting me...oh boy haha. I'm actually pretty hungry, so I'm sure it will taste great whether it's really good or not...Night.

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