Monday, March 30, 2009

A Little Healthful Indulgence Never Hurt Anyone...In Fact, It Will Help

Everyone needs a little self-pampering from time to time. You can't live life without an occasional indulgence, that is if you plan to live a life consisting of happiness and satisfaction. However, not all of this indulgence or pampering has to create negative effects on your life, physique, conscious, etc.. Indulgence doesn't always have to signify the overconsumption of salty snacks or fatty desserts, and self-pampering doesn't always have to encompass large amounts of your time, taking up otherwise allotted space in your busy schedule. Indulgence can in fact be particularly healthy if done in the right way, and daily acts of pampering can be incorporated into your life with minimal adverse effects on your everyday obligations.

For the next seven days, Fun, Fitness, and Fresh-air will be running a guide to healthy indulgence that will leave you feeling more energized, focused, and satisfied than ever before, and won't leave your conscious tenaciously guilty. With these suttle indulgences, you will begin to be able to cherish the daily, vitalizing aspects of life, and be able to feel pampered throughout your everday interactions. The guide is devised to show you that not all indulgence should have to be kept hidden in the back of your closet, impatiently pulsing in your mind waiting to see the daylight; so let's break them out into the fresh-air and begin!

Day 1
Morning indulgence: Have a cup of antioxidant rich green tea, read the tea bag, and take 5 minutes to melt into it's written mantra as you enjoy the relaxing warmth of the awakening tea. Simply focus on the inspirational quote on the tea bag and just let it settle in your mind to allow for its subconcious use throughout the day. For just a few minutes, eliminate any thoughts of rushing to get to work, school, etc., and let yourself slowly awaken your body in the presence of positive thoughts and inspirations.

Mid-day indulgence: Take a break, either before or after lunch, to take a brisk ten minute walk. Absorb the sun's beating rays as you swiftly gaze off into the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Rid yourself of any throbbing obligations that may lie ahead of you and focus on the tranquility that can be found from a quick walk in the outdoors. Try not to focus on the racing traffic, or loud construction-like noises around you, and gear your mind towards the bright parts of nature that can be found in any setting, such as the breeze passing over your face, or the excitement of freshy surfaced spring days.

Evening indulgence: Take time to do an hour of deep-breathe filled yoga. If you feel crunched for time, skip your late night TV session, or your daily facebook monitoring. As you engage in the poses, focus simply on the supple movements and the flow of the in-and-out of your breathe. Remember to save ten minutes for a deep relaxation at the end of your session. Feel the benefits of the complete lettin go that came from indulging your body, mind, and time in this agile exercise.

Final indulgence: Enjoy the savoring of a few pieces of heart-healthy dark chocolate.

As you go to sleep, notice how you feel, your level of contentness, and the amount of disconcertion today's indulgences contributed towards. As you continue with the seven day guide of indulgence, notice an increase in your feelings of contentenss, and a decrease in your feelings of disconcertion.

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