Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Healthful Indulgence: Day 2

Day 2
Morning Indulgence: Indulge in a healthy breakfast of oatmeal cooked with fresh blueberries. Simply make the oatmeal on the stove-top as instructed on the packaging and add the blueberries a few minutes before the oatmeal is done. Notice how these antioxidant rich berries add a pungent swirl of flavor as they burst open, seeping their violet color into your morning breakfast. Top the oatmeal with a light drizzle of maple syrup, satisfying your sweet-tooth-cravings of indulgence, while boosting your immune system with its innately fortified zinc and manganese nutrients.

Mid-day Indulgence: Take 15 minutes to play a game of Frisbee with a friend (or with your dog if you have one and are at home), enjoying the sunlight as it beats down upon your head. Feel the re-energizing of your body that comes from just a short period of aerobic activity, as it breaks up your often long, monotonous day.

Evening Indulgence: Take the time to call up an old friend, one who you haven't gotten the chance to speak with in awhile. Rekindle and strengthen your friendship by checking in on how he/she is doing and by sharing your own stories. Afterwards, take a few moments to feel the gratification that comes from the devotion of a period of your evening to social activity.

Final Indulgence: Fill up your bathtub with some soothing, hot water and some lavender (or other calming fragrance) bubbles. Go full out and put on some of your favorite relaxing music and even light a few candles. Take this time to think solely about yourself and to focus on how you are feeling. Let go of any tension you may be holding from earlier in the day.

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