Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September = Yoga

This month is National Yoga month! While yes, there are probably multiple labels for almost every month, use this to bring awareness to your own practice. Get motivated and make the time to actually fit some yoga into your schedule. For everyone who does yoga, we all know that the plot of time set aside to do yoga won't be regretted. Yoga makes the body and mind feel alive, peaceful, and just down right good.

As the school year gears up and our lives become busier, yoga is a great tool of which can be employed to reduce our levels of stress. I've already started feeling a little overwhelmed with my workload, but have made it my goal for the year to remain stress-free. In doing this, I've been making sure to take a lot of deep breathes, find time to do hatha yoga, and reflect upon why I'm really feeling stressed.

Remember to use the yogic principle of just "being", remaining in the present moment. Don't stress yourself out about the future or the past. If you just "be", then when you ask yourself why you're feeling stressed, you'll often realize that there's no reason for these feelings. The feelings of being stressed are only going to further burden you, not help you actually get the job done. Alleviate your mind and just do what needs to be done in the present moment.

Also, for all those students stuck in class all day, you may begin to see your days becoming much more sedentary. Focus on using the month of September to integrate yoga into your daily routine and keep your life active.

Be mindful, aware, and always remember to let yourself feel that inner peace within you. Namaste.

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