Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yoga Yoga Yogaville...mmm, I'm hungry

So we actually do have access to the internet here, however I won't be using it frequently, as I want to get away for a bit from addictive technology. My experience here has been amazing so far, and I'm definitely learning a lot about the ideology behind yoga. It's actually quite a science, that goes much deeper than people would assume. I'm getting my fair share of time to practice meditation, as we do it around 3 times a day! I definitely need more practice until I progress though. This sitting still stuff is tough for me!

Today we have the encouraged option of fasting. Studies have shown that fasting helps to heal the body quicker, and keep it healthy. The body is able to put the energy it would use towards the digestive processes and instead use it towards healing and eliminating toxins. "Fasting helps you get better fast." I'm only past 1 1/2 meals...and already my mind has been straying a lot towards food. I've fasted before, and I can't say I enjoy it, but I definitely notice its revitalizing effects. It requires a lot of self discipline, and through time will strengthen this and give you beneficial physical results as well.

Well, I must keep this short since my fellow yogi comrades are waiting to use the computer...and I think I might go take a nap, keep my mind off of food. Om Shanti (meaning peace)

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