Friday, June 5, 2009

Get Motivated!

Running can sometimes feel monotonous. Everyone has those days where lacing up your running shoes isn't because of the desire to run, but from feeling compelled to run. Whether you've just started adding running to your daily routine or you've been running for years and years, getting out there and getting moving isn't always easy. However, true runners don't give up on the days where activities such as chowing down on some cookies after work may seem more appealing than a run. No matter how much they aren't looking forward to that after-work run, true runners make themselves go anyway, because they know just how exceedingly rewarding both mentally and physically a run can be.

To turn yourself into a true runner and keep yourself running, it helps to have a little motivation. Here are a five helpful tips to help keep you enthusiastic and lead you to spending your free time running, rather than succumbing to any of those other seductive activities that try to stray your mind/body.

1) Get Hip Running Clothes- Don't just mandate raggy, oversized t-shirts and old shorts for your workouts. Instead, purchase cool clothes that make you feel sexy. If you like the clothes you run in, then you'll want to actually wear them. Putting on these clothes will inspire you to take the run!

2) Make An Upbeat Playlist- Grab your ipod and tune into some tunes. Add some new music to your ipod and designate it only for your runs. This way you have music to look forward to that you can only use while you're running! Choose upbeat/fast paced songs so you don't have to catch yourself running to slow-paced to a slow beat.

3) Spice Your Trails Up- Try to avoid running the same route over and over again. Instead, go down a new road or explore a new trail. Try simply driving ten minutes down the road and run from there. Take advantage of local bike trails, hiking trails, and parks. Go outside of you're comfort zone. New sights will open your eyes and distract your mind from concentrating on the sometimes strenuous running you endure. When you run a course over and over again, you often forget to observe your surroundings because they seem so normal/everyday.

4) Reward Yourself With a Relaxing Cool Down- Find a nice spot outdoors where you can go to relax after your run. Lay down, cool down, and simply enjoy that ecstatic runner's high. This will leave yourself with something healthy to look forward post running.

5) Be Proud of Yourself- Give yourself a pat on the back for finishing each run you take. Know that you are doing your body good! Try charting your mileage so that after a month of running, you can look back and see just how "far" you've come. Don't take it for granite that you only ran 2.5 miles one day. Some people can't even make it past a mile. Be proud that you are getting out there and getting fit!

Running takes patience, dedication, and commitment. However, after you gain all of those qualities, I'm sure you will grow to find passion being another quality that you obtain. Running is fun, but just because it's fun doesn't mean it's always easy. Don't be hard on yourself for not always feeling up to running (it's okay to take days off when a rest is needed). However, strive to push yourself past those mind-numbing days, and before you know it, a enthusiastic day will come to you.

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